Instagram & Whatsapp Messenger Marketing Course-

Current Status
Not Enrolled

After making the payment, you can access the same page with full access to the course videos

How long it will take build automation

It will just take under 3 hours to set this up

What if I have any doubts during/after the course?

You will have access to a private forum to ask your questions. Ask your questions with screenshot of the issue [use prnt.scr website] and our team will answer it

How will I get access to the full course after payment?

After payment, you will be redirected to a page. Just click on "Start Now" and you will be redirected to the course pages where you will have full access. You will also have an account on Lifeversity website for future access and details of the same will be sent to your email

Will I get a Course Certificate?

Yes. You will get your Personalised Course Certificate to send to your email at the same instant when you apply for it. Your name and the course name will be on the certificate.

Do I need to know/learn any programming knowledge?

No. You don't need to learn/know any programming knowledge. You can do this by just drag and drop widgets